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Why, When and How to strength train

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Why, When and How to strength train

Muscle Works 24/7 Gym - Caboolture | Mick waters | 2017-11-16

The purpose of strength training is to stimulate a muscle so that it will adapt to become stronger. This will help to prevent osteoporosis, arthritis, lower back pain, and the list goes on.

Once a muscle has been stimulated, it can take up to 7 days for that muscle to recover, get stronger and improve from its last training session. It is the stimulus and the recovery that will give you results. If you train during that recovery or over-compensation period you will never achieve maximum results.

Major research is showing a minimum of 3 days recovery time depending on how hard you train. Strength training once a week is an effective, safe training period that will allow for recovery and produce maximal results for most people. Use compound exercises as compound exercises use more than one muscle at a time and work over more than one bone joint.

They work the big muscles of the body and all the smaller assisting muscles, harder, safer and more effectively than doing specific exercises for each small muscle group. Compound exercise allow you to lift heavier weights. This mean you will get stronger quicker and you will see better results for both the smaller and bigger muscles. An exercise that is functional, (the body works the same way the exercise moves ) means the exercise will be safer.

Whole body leg squats are more effective and safer than leg extension exercises.
Whole body leg squats are more effective and safer than leg curl exercises.
The flat bench press is more effective, and produces better results and safer than the decline bench.
The reverse close grip lat-pull down is more effective and safer than a pull down exercise.
The upper body bench press or dips are more effective and safer than any form of isolated shoulder exercise.
Dead lifts, squats and lunges train the lower back more effectively and safer than back extensions.
Lat- pull downs, chin ups or rowing type exercises will work your arm muscles much harder than doing bicep curls.
Bicep curls are not dangerous but are a waste of time if you are doing compound lifts.

If you are doing bench presses, dips and push ups there is no need to train the triceps again and you will not gain any further results.
train your abdominals during all compound exercises by contracting them, then you wont have to do sit-ups and crunches to produce the same results.


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