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Potentially Dangerous Exercises

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Potentially Dangerous Exercises

Muscle Works 24/7 Gym - Caboolture | Mick waters | 2017-11-16

Not all weight training exercises are functional to everyday living. Exercise selection and prescription has commonly been based upon unfounded generalisations passed down from one generation to another, rather than proven scientifically based training principles.

A closer analysis will reveal that the execution and design of many weight training exercise and equipment may not necessarily be the most effective, nor functional and at times may be potentially dangerous.

EXERCISES you will NEVER have to do again

1. Leg Extension: – The leg extension is not functional to daily activity and it is potentially dangerous. This exercise pulls the kneecap back onto the femur causing a grinding action of bone on bone at the knee joint.
It also pulls the tibia forward on the femur causing strain on the anterior cruciate ligaments of the knee.
Both the squat and the leg press are far more effective and functional.

2. Shoulder Press Behind Neck: – This places the shoulder joint in a dislocation position, that is abducted at 90 degrees and externally rotated. Not only is this unstable, but the humerus can inpinge the deeper tendons which can lead to tendonitis, inflammation and pain in the shoulder.
Shoulders are best trained while performing other compound exercises such as the bench press and lat pull-down.

3. Wide Grip Lat Pull-Down: – This exercise places the shoulder joint in the same position as the should press (above). This exercise tends to be performed by pulling the bar behind the neck, which places a large amount of tension on the upper trapezious muscles which originate on the cervical spine pulling at the intervertabral joints causing neck problems.
A reverse, narrow grip (arms in front of the body) eliminates all of these considerations.

4. Pec Dec: – This exercise also places the shoulder in the dislocation position, making it unstable and less effective. The rotation of the arm places the insertion of the Pectoralis Major that places internal rotation on the shoulder joint. Overall, the bench press or dumbbell press are far more effective and safer alternatives.

5. Leg Curl: – A Disfunctional exercise that attempts to train the hamstring. It pulls the tibia back from the femur which can cause unwanted strain in the knee joint. The hamstring is best trained the way it functions, that is to extend the hip, such as in squats, lunges and dead lifts.

6. Back Hyperextension: – This again a very disfunctional exercise that aims to strengthen the back muscles but only places large amounts of strain on the inter-vertebral disc, particularly in the lumber region, commonly known as the lower back. Not recommended exercise if you want a healthy lower back.

So to summarise, stick to compound exercise for optimal results in minimum time. Don’t waste your valuable training time doing ineffective exercise.

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