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Women and exercise Questions and Answers

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Women and exercise Questions and Answers

Muscle Works 24/7 Gym - Caboolture | Mick waters | 2017-11-16

Question – Can women weight train or exercise when pregnant ?
Answer – It is recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists that pregnant women should maintain their weight training program. It maintains muscle tissue and strength throughout the pregnancy which will decrease the physical demand on the body. It aids in reducing labour time and enhances the physical recovery from birth. Exercises such as squats are recommended as it is a beneficial exercise in preparation for delivery. Pregnancy is no time to commence a weight training program but existing programs should be maintained. Medical clearance is recommended and training should be adjusted accordingly.

Question – Do women who train get big and bulky ?
Answer – Women do not have the levels of testosterone and human growth hormone required to increase lean muscle mass dramatically. Anabolic steroids used in womans bodybuilding can result in enhanced muscle growth. This is not recommended.

Question – Can I do certain exercises to burn fat off certain parts off my body ?
Answer – No, this goes against every scientific principle of exercise physiology. Firstly we have no choice where we burn fat, it comes off all over in an individual way. Fat can be compared to petrol in a car, if you wish to burn the petrol you have to start the car up and take it out of the garage onto the road and drive it a significant distance. Performing crunches to burn fat of your tummy area is like going up to the car and continually opening and shutting the bonnet.

Question – Will Arthritis prevent me from exercising?
Answer – Arthritis is the degeneration and inflammation of joints. Joints are supported by muscle, so no, it is very important to exercise / strength train. Increasing the functional strength and control of the appropriate muscles will decrease the stresses on joints.

Question – If I stop exercising will my muscle turn to fat ?
Answer – Muscle cannot be turned into fat. One can not physiologically turn into the other. If you stop exercising you will naturally loose muscle size, and could possible put on fat by still eating the same amount of calories when you were exercising. Your metabolic rate will also decline since you are losing active tissue muscle and this will in turn, decrease daily energy expenditure and possible will promote fat gain.

Question – How can I tone up ?
Answer – Toning is a slang term that really means that “ you have low levels of body fat “ so that is why you can see and feel the muscle under the skin. you need to exercise to get rid of some of the fat that helps to hide any muscle you have and you must weight train to have enough muscle under the skin to give your body any form of shape.

Question – Do fat burning pills / fat metabolisers or cellulite creams work ?
Answer – Fat is stored in the fat cells and can only be utilised as a source of energy in the aerobic energy system. There are many fat burning products on the market but none of them have been scientifically proven to increase the oxidation of fat. Cellulite is a non-scientific term for fat that originated in the beauty therapy industry. It is the result of the fat bulging against the skin which is restricted by vertical fibrouse bands that keep the skin in place relative to the muscle. Rubbing a cream into the surface of the skin, which is water resistant, has no physiological effect on lipolysis, that is the release of fat from the fat cell. Lipolysis is caused by a complex hormonal response to aerobic exercise.

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